How to Import Students into Classes in Batch?

Import students in batch needs to log in to the “Hanwei Cloud Platform”  on the computer and enter "My Class" of “Personal Center”.

The specific operation is as following:

1.     Visit “Hanwei Cloud Platform”  in browser on the computer and log in with the teacher's account.


2.     Entering the “Personal Center”, click "My Class", and select the "+" Plus sign to create a class.


3.     After the class is created, click the button behind the class and click "Import Student"


4.     First, click "Click to Download Template" and download the template form to the computer.


5.     Open the template form and complete the student information according to the requirements of input information.


6.     After complete the student’s information form, click on "Choose File" to select the completed form, and then click "Import", then the student information can be imported successfully in batches.



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