Brief introduction of Hanwei App's functions


1.Recording Lessons: Start or end the recording.

2.Project: Create a new canvas, save the lesson preparation content, call the lesson preparation content.

3.Undo and Redo: Handwriting undo and redo.

4.Courseware Preview: Display courseware preview, quickly switch to the specified page.   

5.Pageup and Pagedown: Turning pages of whiteboard or courseware. 

6.Full Screen: Display whiteboard or courseware in full screen which make the whole interface more simple and beautiful.         

7.Class Interactive: The interactive teaching scenes such as random selection, interactive comment, timing, quick Q&A and classroom test can be realized.

8.Screen Sync: Screen sync interactive entrance, realize Screen sync by click the link and scan the QR code to connect. The resolution of Screen sync, full screen and sound push can be set.

9.Help of using.

10.Color of Handwriting: Change the color of handwriting or graphics.

11.Pen: For handwriting, different pen types/ handwriting thickness/ hand touch control/ handwriting whether disappear can be set.

12.Graphics: Drawing tool, intelligent graphics can be chosen, graphics line thickness and color can be set.  

13.Eraser: Wipe the handwriting , one key to clear all the handwriting. 

14.Pointer: Pointer guide, pointer patterns can be chosen.

15.Select: Select pictures and intercept pictures.

16.Cruise: Single finger moving canvas while double fingers zooming screen canvas.

17.Photograph: Insert pictures by taking photos.

18.Insert: Insert materials, can insert courseware/album/text/audio/video, call the camera, set the background of the canvas. 

19.Menu: Including Micro Lecture Management, Settings, Help, Member Services.