Courseware Explanation Recording

      Recording Micro Lectures by courseware, the courseware is needed to be uploaded to Hanwei cloud platform in advance, and then import into Hanwei APP for recording.

      There are three steps: Upload Courseware — Import Courseware – Record Courseware

1. Upload Courseware

Courseware can be uploaded to Hanwei cloud platform of by computer, mobile phone or pad.


 How to upload courseware through computer?  

2. Import Courseware

     Open Hanwei App and login with account

A. Click the "+" button on the lower left side and select "Courseware"


B. Click on the "Cloud" tab to find the corresponding courseware and download.


C. Click on the "Local" tab, then click on the courseware and complete the import.


3. Record Courseware

A. Click on the "Start Recording" camera button, and the button will turn red and flicker which indicate that normal recording has started.


B. Do normal Page-turning of courseware and synchronize writing explanation during recording

C. After the explanation is completed, click the red flashing camera button to finish and save recording.