Picture Explanation Recording

     Recording Micro Lectures by pictures, pictures are needed to import into Hanwei APP first, then explain and record.

     There are three steps: Import Picture - - Adjust Picture - - Explain & Record

1. Import Picture

There are two ways to import pictures:

     The first way is to import through local album, click on the “+'”button, click on “Album”, and select image in the album to import.


     The second way is to import by taking pictures, click the "Photo" button on the left, and then import after taking pictures with camera.


2. Adjust Picture

Picture can be zoomed, rotated and sharpened after imported to adjust the picture to the appropriate size and position.

3. Explanation Recording

A. Click on the "Start Recording" camera button, and the button will turn red and flicker which indicate that normal recording has started.


B. Write and explain on canvas during recording.

C. After the explanation is completed, click the red flashing camera button to finish and save recording.